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Valve controller

Maker: PR Electronics

Type : PR 2224


Name- Valve controller

Manufacturer : PR Electronics
TYPE : PR 2224

Features :
Valve controller
mA, V, and Ω programmable input
Ramp times, jump values, reversal, chopper frequency, and deadband
3-digit LED display shows I-valve % value
1 or 2 channels

Technical characteristics :
During operation the display shows the present output signal as a % of the I valve.
Programmable current or voltage input for standard signals acc. to order schedule, joystick / potentiometer or a special non-programmable input.
Digital inputs for external control functions.
A pulsating current output prevents the connected valve from sticking.
Optional programming of the modulation frequency (PWM) between 8 and 400 Hz.
Multiple adjustable parameters such as output currents, ramp times, jump values, chopper frequency, reversal, deadband, and ON/OFF functions.
Mounting for a standard 11-pole socket which can be adapted for DIN rail or plate use with PR’s 7023 adaptor and 7024 mounting keying.