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TM520 Timer Module

Maker: TYCO

Type : TM520


Name- TM520 Timer Module

Manufacturer : TYCO
TYPE : TM520

Technical Specifications :
The TM520 provides an output that can be activated based on a delay time. If either the keyswitch on the module is activated, or a predefined event within the control panel occurs then a
timed delay (set between 10 minutes and 2 hours 10 minutes) is started. When the delay
reaches zero the TM520 output is activated. The unit sounds an internal buzzer and shows a
red LED when the output is active, and shows a yellow LED when the timer is counting down.
To provide a warning that the delay is nearly over, the red LED and the buzzer will pulse 5
minutes before the end of the delay .
The TM520 requires a separate 24V DC supply to operate. The module is not addressable and
will therefore not take an address on the loop.