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Solid-state Multi-functional Timer

Maker: OMRON

Type : H3DE-S1


Name- Solid-state Multi-functional Timer

Manufacturer : omron

Technical data
Supply Voltage : 24 to 230 VAC/DC
Control output : Contact output: SPDT (time-limit output SPDT)
Operating voltage range : 85% to 110% of rated supply voltage
Power reset Minimum power-off time : 0.1 s
Reset voltage :: 2.4 VAC/DC max
Power consumption
H3DE-S1 AC: approx. 2.7 VA (1.6 W) at 230 VAC
DC: approx. 0.7 W at 24 V
Ambient temperature Operating:–10°C to 55°C (with no icing)
Storage: –25°C to 65°C (with no icin