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Sample Draw Gas Sensor – Transmitter GD-70D

Maker: Riken Keiki
Type: GD-70D

Name- Sample Draw Gas Sensor – Transmitter GD-70D

Manufacturer: RIKEN KEIKI


Technical Specifications :
Communication : 4 – 20 mA

Power Requirements :
24 VDC +/- 10%

Detection principle : Different type depending upon sensor unit and detectable gas (see table)
Sampling method : Sample drawing types (auto-adjustment of flow rate) 0.5 / min +/-10%
Gas alarms : Two alarm levels: 1st alarm – Red 2nd alarm – Red Fault alarm: Yellow
Mounting : Wall-mounting base plate by 2 or 3 screws
Detection Principle Electro-chemical cell Semi-conductor Pyrolysis-particle Catalytic combustion
Gas detected and detection range Refer to list of detectable gases 0-2000ppm H2, CH4, or CH2F2 (R-32) in air and others 0-15ppm TEOS in air 0-100% LEL H2, CH4, and others
Self diagnosis function Sensor trouble, system failure
Dimensions : 2.8”W x 4.7”H x 5.9”D (70W x 120H x 150Dmm)
Weight Approx.: 0.9kg (2.0lbs), including sensor unit