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REX-C700 K type Input Relay SSR Output Thermostat 220V Temperature Controller

Maker: RKC Instrument
Model: C700

AC 220V Oven Temperature Controller REX-C700 Thermocouple PT100,K Universal Input Relay Output Thermostat

Input: K type Thermocouple
Output: Relay/SSR(for your choice)
Alarm: 1
Power: 220V AC

Product Features:
Dual display for both set temperature and process temperature
Size: 72*72*110mm
Universal input, support 10 different types of thermocouples and RTD inputs by customers selected at panels.
Auto-tune function can find the best PID parameter automatically
Displays temperature in Celsius
Four digits LED display can go up to “9999”
Can be powered by either DC or AC power source
Uses it for Kiln,Furnace,Oven,Incubator temperature control
Uses it in heating control as well as for cooling control
It is used in various industries to control and monitor process temperatures

Input type: K
Display: Two lines, Four digits. °C.
Display Resolution: 1°C, 1°F, or 0.1°C, 0. 1°F, with Pt100
Accuracy: ±0.5% or ±1 unit of full input range
Control mode: PID, On-Off
Output mode: Relay contact: 3A at 240 VAC; SSR: 12VDC; Current: 4~20 mA; Voltage: 0~10V
Alarm: Upper-limit bias alarm
Power consumption: <2 Watt Power supply voltage rating : 85~265VAC/50~60Hz Dimensions Rex-C700 72*72*110mm Cautions: Only clean the instrument when power off. Please use a soft cloth or cotton paper to clean up the stain on the display. Do not clean up or touch the display by hard matters in case of any scrath. Never use sharp & hard matters such ass screwdrivers or ball pan to touch the buttons on the panel,in case of any scrath or damage.