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Pressure Switch MDR 3

Maker: Condor
Type: MDR 3

Name- Pressure Switch MDR 3

Manufacturer: CONDOR
The high-performance pressure switch for switching motors (compressors and pumps), available in various versions and with optional accessories. Optionally, the pressure switch is available with an overload relay. The pressure switch MDR 3 has been certified by the KEMA KEUR Test and Certification Institute, and also acc. to UL and CSA standards, for use e.g. in the North American market.

Technical Specifications :
Voltage :
≤ 400 V

Contact Function :
3 NC Contacts

Pressure Range :
≤ 35 Bar

Voltage Type :
3-Phase Current (AC)

Rated Frequency:
50 / 60 Hz

Motor Switching Capacity :
7.5 kW