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Power meter PM710 PowerLogic PM700

Maker: SE

Model: PM710

power quality analysis
Total harmonic distortion
type of measurement
Power factor total
Apparent power total
Active power total
Reactive power total
Apparent power per phase
Active power per phase
Reactive power per phase
supply voltage
125…250 V DC
115…415 V AC 45…65 Hz
network frequency
45…65 Hz
maximum power consumption in VA
5 VA
display type
Backlit LCD
display resolution
6 lines
sampling rate
32 samples/cycle
measurement current
5 A
1 A
input type
Current 0.005…6 A (impedance <= 0.1 Ohm)
measurement voltage
10…480 V AC 45…65 Hz phase to phase
10…277 V AC 45…65 Hz phase to neutral
measurement accuracy
Power 1 %
Current 0.5 % 1…6 A
Voltage 0.5 % 50…227 V
Frequency 0.02 Hz 45…65 Hz
Power factor 0.0034 1A to 6A and from -0.5 to +0.5
accuracy class
Class 2 reactive energy conforming to IEC 62053-23
Class 1 active energy conforming to IEC 62053-21
communication port protocol
Modbus 19.2 kbauds
communication port support
data recording
Min/max of instantaneous values