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Mobrey-mcu200 Liquid-level-control


Model: MCU-201


Name- Liquid-Level-Control


Model: Mobrey-mcu201

Technical Specification:
Power supply MCU 201: 110/120 ±10% 220/240±10% 50-60 Hz
Installation category MCU 201 :II-IEC60664 for 230V ac supply III-IEC60664 for 115V ac supply
Pollution degree MCU 201 :2-IEC60664
Power consumption MCU 201 :6VA approx at 240 Vac
Power supply MCU 201 :24V dc (20V Min, 30V Max) Supply must be floating or negative earth
Current consumption MCU 201: 0.1A Max
Relay contact rating(s) :5A at 230V ac DPCO
Relay state Normal state selectable energised/de-energised
Relay delay 0.5,2,8,30 seconds selectable. Operates for change of relay state in
one direction only. 50msecs in other direction. (Approx.)
LED indicators : Red for alarm, Green for normal, Yellow for cable fault
LED state Green/Red indication selectable for either sensor state
Sensors compatible Any Mobrey ultrasonic gap, Hisens or Interface sensor
Sensor frequency Switch selects electronics operational at either l MHz or 3.7 MHz
Cable check Option selectable for certain sensors
External input Used to hold relay de-energised to provide pump control
Box size 200 x 120 x 75mm
Fixing centres 188 x 88mm
Box rating IP65 Polycarbonate (clear lid)
Temperature -40o
C to 55o
C ambient
Holes for glands 3 off 16mmØ
EMC :EN61326
Safety EN61010-1
Weight equipment weight (mass) 0.700 Kg