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level control relays,B1DFM

Maker: Broyce Control, UK

Type : B1DFM


Name- level control relays,B1DFM

Manufacturer : Broyce Control, UK

Technical Datasheet
True Delay Off
Multi-voltage (24 – 240VAC/DC)
Multi-time range (0.5s – 60m)
DPDT Relay output
11-Pin, Plug-in
The output relay energises as soon as power is applied. When power is removed, the set time delay period commences and the relay will remain energised for this period. After the delay has elapsed, the relay de-energises. Power must be removed and re-applied to restart the function over again

Timing function: True Delay Off
Supply voltage: 24-240VAC/DC 10/-25%
Time delay: 0.5 – 15s, 2 – 60s, 15 – 480s, 2 – 60m
Output: DPDT 8A @ 250V (AC1)
Dimensions(mm): W:40 x H:80 x D:92 (exc. pins)
Note: The supply must be maintained for a minimum of 500ms for correct operation (5s for time delays greater than 60s).