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Inverter FREQROL-D700 Series FR-D720-0.1K

Maker: Mitsubishi
Model: FR-D720-0.1K

Torque Boost
Manual torque boost
Storage Temperature Range (degree c)
-20 – 65
Elevation (m)
Below 1000 above sea level
Vibration (m/s2)
Below 5.9
Output Frequency (Hz)
0.2 – 400
Approximate Weight (kg)
Protection Structure (JEM1030)
Closed form (IP20)
Ambient Humidity (% RH)
Under 90 (with no condensation)
Dimension W (mm)

Dimensions W1(mm)

Voltage / frequency characteristics Base frequency 0-400 Hz adjustable, constant torque and reduces torque pattern selection is possible Acceleration / deceleration time setting 0.1-3600 s(Acceleration and deceleration separate setting is possible), straight or S-shape acceleration deceleration modes selectable
Indoor (no corrosive gases, flammable gas, oil mist, or dust cans)
Ambient Temperature (Degree C)
(Non-freezing) -10 to 50 (totally enclosed structure when the specification is -10 to 40)
Modes of operation
Sliding limits frequency setting, frequency jump drive, external thermal input selection, Shun stop restart operation, forward and reverse prevention, remote setting, 2 features, multi-step speed operation and regeneration around the correction and operation mode selection, Offline auto tuning, PID control, computer links driving (RS-485), optimal excitation control, blackouts stop, speed smoothing control, Modbus-RTU
Frequency Accuracy
(Of analogue input / output frequency +/- 1% (25 degree c +/- 10 degree c) Less than 0.01% of the digital input / output frequency
Starting Torque
150% Or more (1 Hz time) slip in Sensorless flux vector, set the compensation
Stall Prevention Oprerating Level
Operating current level setting can be selected (0 to 200% variable) available, with or without