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Insulation Monitor Meter

Maker: DEIF

Type : AAL-111Q96/1


Name- Insulation Monitor

Manufacturer: DEIF

TYPE: AAL-111Q96/1

Technical Specifications :
Auxiliary voltages :110-220-380-415-440 AC -20%,45..65Hz (ca. 4VA)
24V DC -25%(ca. 4w)
READY inddication : GREEN LED is lit,when auxiliary voltage is present.
EMC : To EN 580081-1/2,EN 58002-1/2,SS4361503(PL4) and IEC 255-4(CLASS 3)
Galvanic sepration : Relay output/measuring circuit/Aux.voltages: 2kv – 50Hz – 1min.
Protection : Instrument IP52,Electronic IP20,Terminal IP20