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Falcon Eye Bridge Navigation Alarm

Maker: HYDEL

Model: NA501

Name-Falcon Eye Bridge Navigation Alarm

Maker: HYDEL

Model: NA501



Simple and straightforward user interface. All controls and indicators are at hand. No need for browsing through complicated menus.

Key lock protected selection of system parameters (dormant time, mode of operation)

System reset through PIR movement detection, button pressing, or bridge equipment activity detection.

Full NMEA connectivity for VDR, ECDIS, RADAR, AUTOPILOT etc as standard.

Integrated audible and visual alarms on control panel for small bridge vessels.

Integrated backup officer selection on control panel.

Full ‘EMERGENCY CALL’ implementation at any mode of operation.

Visual and audio indication of system status, malfunctions and activated alarms.

Digital dimming on all indicators.

Easy installation with single cable runs.

Wide range (100-240 VAC) mains and 24 VDC backup supplies.

Field proven PLC technology for high reliability.

Tamper proof design.