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f/I-f/f converter

Maker: PR Electronics

Type : PR 2255


Name- f/I-f/f converter

Manufacturer : PR Electronics
TYPE : PR 2255

Features :
Programmable f/I converter
Programmable decimal divider / decimal multiplier
Programmable frequency generator
Relay output as option
Supply voltage 24 VDC

Technical characteristics :
3 front LEDs, indicating f.in active input (not NPN), Dig.out (NPN or relay 1) active output and a NAMUR input error signal.
Analog current output can be configured within 0…20 mA range.
Voltage output range is selectable between 0…10 VDC by use of internal jumpers.
Feature include input filter, contact filter and an auxiliary supply for sensor such as NAMUR and S0.
Mounting for a standard 11-pole socket which can be adapted for DIN rail or plate use with PR’s 7023 adaptor and 7024 mounting keying.