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SNA Marine is one of the uileading pioneer automation and instrumentation service provider with experience management and team of qualified engineers and highly skilled technician.

We have a team of elite workforce to carry out servicing, calibration, fabrication, installation, design and commissioning for instrumentation, automation, hydraulic, valve overhauling, module integration etc.We are able to provide technical and economical solutions to our valuable clients in Marine, Offshore and Onshore industry for more than two decades in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, China and Worldwide.

Our head office is located at #03-06,Sim Lim Tower,10 Jalan Besar Singapore 208787, acquiring a total area of 26,000 sqft with office space and well equipped workshop facilities. Currently we are expanding our business globally through our wide network and business partners in Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and India to serve our value customer more effectively...


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As we are moving into the ever changing landscape of marine & offshore technology, SEA NAVIGATION AND AUTOMATION PTE LTD, was incorporated, as a wholly owned subsidiary of SEA NAVIGATION AND AUTOMATION PTE LTD, which is more focused by assisting our customers in procurement of various equipment & system solutions.

As a result of our specialized focus & vision for engineering excellence and expertise, we are able to provide & supply the best and economical solutions for all the water related applications (equipment & systems), hydraulics as well as pneumatic control products & systems locally and Internationally.

We represent the various products and equipment makers, as their Authorized Sales and Service Agent / Distributors for below listed products

Our Services

Automation, Instrumentation, Calibration & Installation

• Service & Repair of 15PPM Monitors (OWS)
• Service & Repair of Oil Discs Monitoring Equipment (ODME)
• Service & Repair of Main & Emergency LV Switch Board (MSB, ESB)
• Service & Repair of Power Distribution Board MCC/GSP & UPS
• Service & Repair of Oil Discs Monitoring (OMD)
• Service & Repair of Cargo Pump Safety Alarm Control Systems.
• Service & Repair of Fire Alarm General Alarm & CO2 Alarm Systems
• Service & Repair of Tank Level Gauging Systems.
• Service & Repair of Bilge Level Alarm Systems.
• Service & Repair of Navigational Light Systems.
• Service & Repair of Alarm Monitoring Systems.
• Service & Repair of I.G.S Systems.
• Service & Repair of Thruster Control Systems.
• Service & Repairer of Generator Safety and Protection systems
• Service & Repair of Air Circuit Breaker (ACB)
• Noise Survey & Megger Tests
• Calibration of UTI Sound Level Meter
• Calibration of Pressure Measuring Instruments, Transmitters, Pressure Switch, Test Pump/Ganges
• Calibration of Temp Measuring Instruments
• Calibration of Electrical Measuring Meters.
• Calibration of Gas Detector Systems (Portable & Fixed)
• Repair Various of Electronics P.C.B. Board
• Various Types of Ship Systems Installation, Cabling & Termination on board vessels.

Calibration and Certification

• Portable Gas – Single and Multi-Gas
• Fixed Gas
• Ullage Temperature Interface (UTI)
• Fire Smoke and Gas Alarm Systems
• Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment (ODME)
• Oil Water Separator
• 15 Ppm

Repair Servicing and New Installation

• Generator Shut down Systems
• Engine Alarm Systems
• Ballast Tank Monitoring Systems
• High Level Overfill Alarms Systems
• Electrical installation and Cablings


• Boiler & Generator Controller, Generator AVR,Bilge Floats, Level Gauge,
• O-Ring & Test Kits
• Relay
• UTI Sound Level Meter
• Temperature Controller & Transmitters, RTD Sensor,
• Thermometer,
• Block Temperature Calibrator
• Gas Detector, Barrier & Isolator
• Fixed & Portable Gas Detector, Oxygen Analyzer & Spare Kits
• Vapor Alarm & Fire Alarm Systems
• Pressure Transmitter, Gauges. Pneumatic Pressure Transmits,
• Pressure Switch
• Test Pump And Gauges
• Valve Solenoid & Valve Positioner

Navigation and Communication(Sales)

• VHF Radios- Fixed & Portable
• MF/HF Or SSB Radios
• Satellite Phones
• Fleet Broad Band Systems
• Inmarsat Systems
• Radars
• GPS and DGPS
• Magnetic Compass
• Gyro Compass
• Anemometer
• Echo Sounders
• Speed Logs

Electrical Equipment & Common Tools(Sales)

• MCB, MCCB, ELCB, RCCB, & ACB, Magnetic Contactor,
• Control, Isolator And Safety Transformers
• Inverter, Power Supply And Ups
• Voltage Regulators Transformer.
• Cable & Cable Accessories
• Electronic Components
• Rectifier Transformer For Measuring Protection
• Plier, Crimper Tools, Cutting Plier, Cable Cutter, Nose Plier, Wrench.
• Screw Driver, Tester, Tape
• Glue, Silicon, Contact Cleaner
• Multiple Socket, Plug, Battery, Circuit, Switching, Cable Lugs, Junction Box
• Tools And Hardwire & Land Electrical Fitting

#03-06,Sim Lim Tower,

10 Jalan Besar

Singapore 208787

Tel : +65 66125171